15: Joe Lee Wilson

Alex and Sam are back after a lockdown break with an episode dedicated to a local legend:  Joe Lee Wilson.   The presenters discuss the life of this amazing jazz vocalist, who was a Brighton resident for the last part of his life, with local jazz maestros:  Terry Seabrook and Lawrence Jones.   

Plus our thoughts on Black Lives Matter, reports on music that is still taking place during Lockdown including a new album from David Beebee and live jazz at the Verdict.  

Music in the episode:

Tonight You Belong To Me:  Sam Carelse, Benny Bennack III, Jason Henson, Oz Dechaine.

Mountain People: Julian Ncholas Band

Strawberry Fields: David Beebee Quartet

Love Will Bring Us Back Together: Luke Rattenbury  

Where or When: Joe Lee Wilson

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Joe Lee Wilson (live at JoogleBerrys)

Steam (Part1):  from Archie Shepp’s Attica Blues

Home In The Country: Joe Lee Wilson

plus incidental music from Terry Pack's Trees.  

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